Raise & Build Under

'Up and Under'

Many homes throughout Brisbane are primed and ready for renovation. However, many of these homes are too small to accommodate modern lives. For many homeowners, reducing precious backyard space is not ideal. The perfect solution for homeowners in this situation is a raise and build under.


House raise and build under projects are popular throughout Brisbane for various reasons. The most popular reason being that Brisbane has a large number of post-war homes, which are often ideal house raise candidates, as well as old style Queenslanders that are due for renovation. The population booms that Brisbane has experienced in previous decades meant that there was a large number of homes quickly constructed at the same time.


Another popular reason for house raising is to move the house above flood levels or make homes legal height. After Brisbane’s devastating floods, many homeowners are acutely aware of ensuring their soon-to-be renovated home is safe from catastrophic damage. Hydraulic engineers, as well as town planners, can assist in making your home as safe as possible.


Raising your home creates a lot of flexible options for owners. Whether you are looking for a secure garage, private storage, extra living space, or even an entirely separate unit below the existing home for teenagers, elderly relatives, or even renters - A house raise is the solution for you!


Mitcon Build specialises in Design and Construct projects. This sought after service means that homeowners can relax throughout the building process. Mitcon Build will coordinate all external agencies and suppliers on your behalf. Our team’s extensive experience means you can count on receiving your dream home on budget and on schedule.

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